Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are available for those interested via email. To request a reading, please contact me via Facebook. The readings I provide use a variety of tarot and oracle decks and are intuitive readings designed to help guide you on your path. I read emotional energies, and while future probabilities may come in to the reading, generally speaking the information will be to help you find your personal power and to make decisions within your present circumstances. Consider it psycho-spiritual insight and not a form of divination.


Spiritual Guidance

Need to talk through your challenges with another? Contact me via messenger in Facebook to get a conversation started. I consider we are all here to learn from and to teach each other. In the spirit of learning, exploration and expansion I encourage you to start talking to me.


Postnatal Support

I currently operate a second project called Bundle of Care, postnatal support. Designed to help support women work through challenges with colic, breastfeeding, sleep and more.



To receive support or guidance, please contact me through my Bundle of Care postnatal support page on Facebook. For simplicity I operate all my services through there, using either messenger or email for interactions.

I currently charge no fees for offered services, if you would like to say thank you for the support or guidance you received, please consider donating via the donate page on this website.


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